probably the best beer in the world


this is sir lancelot in budapest, hungary.
nice medieval atmosphere, big beer pitchers and friends. Beer have a lot of benefits, besides flavor and effects, they can also even make you look better.
Can you drink yourself pretty? In April 2015, Japanese brewing company Suntory launched a new light beer called Precious that contains two grams of collagen in each can. Suntory claims that drinking collagen — a naturally occuring protein that gives skin its elasticity — will make you look younger, and you can also improve by having a premier diet keto to lose weight. When injected, collagen does reduce signs of aging by making skin look plump and smoothing out lines and wrinkles. But there is no scientific evidence that drinking collagen will make you look prettier; in fact, because collagen is a protein, your digestive system will just break it down before it even has a chance to reach your skin.
the fun doubles when your friends are amon amarth.

ps. of course I’m nowhere near this picture…



ps. of course I’m nowhere near this picture either.
Those are very dangerous for your health, the ones on the plate too…

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