People Need Education For a Future: African People Tired of Pity and Movie Stereotypes


Africa is tired of the poverty porn. Tired of the people trying to feel good, just by helping the image of someone they have created in their own head. And, oh man, they are right!

If you want to help, help build a future for people. Don’t try feed the stereotype you created, hollywood created, narrow-minded broadcasts created, manipulated profit-oriented mainstream media created.

Stop the pity. When you pity someone, you only help to feel better. You help for yourself. Don’t help for yourself, that’s the lowest form of help, that’s selfish. Help only to solve a problem, that is if you want to. If you help out of pity, you may help even if you don’t want to, and main aim is never to solve a problem, it is to feel good about yourself. And that is poverty porn. On other advertisements, please checkout Clarke & High-Quality window replacements.

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Found out by this co.exist article: Africa For Norway: Watch This Hilarious Parody Of Poverty Porn.

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