Please beware, due to changes in Google’s API currently new installs may cause authentication errors. This issue will be fixed as soon as possible.
(Devrim @ 2012/09/03 – 09:12)

Reporteur is a free google analytics report plugin for WordPress.
(I’m also working on the standalone-php version.)

It analyzes the live data coming from Google Analytics API and shows it to you right in your WordPress admin, in a convenient way. The report is to give a general and / or quick overview of your data, for every kind of detail and custom reports, please use Google Analytics’ wonderful website emporium.

How-to Use?

It is not complicated:

  • Enter your Google Analytics email and password
  • Select the report you want to see

What does it show, yet?

Just enough to know what’s going on on your site:

  • Pageviews and Visits for:
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • This Week
    • Last Week
    • This Month
    • Last Month
  • And for each timespan:
    • Top Pages
    • Top Countries
    • Top Referrers
    • Top Keywords

What do you need for it to work?

Not much actually (you probably already have it):

  • cURL
  • php5
  • a google analytics account
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  • Nice effort sir

  • You forgot the download link

    •  Hi Ahmad. It was only on the left column / or the top, now I added one to the bottom as well. Thanks for reminding.

  • Bouchaala Sabri

    Hi, would it be better if you use the 
    OAuth 2.0 api ?

    • Hi, you’re probably right. And, I will probably have to use it in the near future. But there were several reasons that kept me from using it. First one is, I have to learn how to use it 🙂 Second is, I am one of those people who doesn’t touch anything that already is working in a stable, fast and secure way. Third is, it adds an extra step, I am not fond of extra steps. But none of them are as important as the first reason. 🙂

      But I guess I will add a feedback app here, so that I can manage massive amounts of user requests about the plugin. (to be clear, one, yet, if your question counts as a request)

  • June

    this looks interesting. i will try it.

    • Hope you like it when you try it June.

  • Anybody who gets the message:

       GAPI: Failed to authenticate user. Error: “Request failed, fopen provides no further information”

    should install cURL for PHP on the server machine

    apt-get install php5-curl
    /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

    Now it works like a charm. Good work, stildv!

    We now want a Dashboard Widget 🙂

    • Thank you David, seems like I forgot to mention the things you need to make it work, now I added it.
      Glad you liked it. Also thanks for the additional tip on installing cURL.
      Oh, btw, I noted your wish about the dashboard widget… cheers.

  • Andy

    Very nice… I was only looking for a good Google Analytics plugin for WordPress the other, this is the best I have seen so far… good work

    •  Hi Andy, thanks, glad you liked it.

  • I am getting following error:
    GAPI: Failed to request report data. Error: “start-date 2012-03-01 after end-date 2012-02-29”
    Date: 2012-03-31for the last month tab..Any Help!!

    •  Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I’m on it. Will be updated soon. I really thought I covered such errors, will check again. Sorry ’bout that.

    • Hi!
      I fixed the glitch. Updated it. You can download it from any download link above or directly from wordpress plugins repo.
      Will probably appear as an update on your wp-admin in a short period of time.

  • The v1.0.1 update to the Reporteur is deployed. More to come..

  • Guest

    For sites having a non-default plugin directory your extension fails to load its scripts properly. Please replace your “get_bloginfo()” function calls in “reporteur-head.php” to use “plugins_url()” for us that have a non-default plugin directory:

    window.jQuery || document.write(‘<script src="/reporteur/js/jquery-1.7.1.min.js”>’) <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/reporteur/js/jquery.cookie.js”><script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/reporteur/js/jquery.ThreeDots.min.js”><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/reporteur/styles.css” />


    •  Thanks for the info. I’ve updated the code accordingly. Beginning from v1.0.2 you’ll have no problem. Cheers.

  • The v1.0.2 update to the Reporteur is deployed. More to come..


  • living

    Great tool! Are there any plans to customize categories (e.g., show results by city, etc)? Thanks!

    • Thanks, glad you liked it. There are definitely plans for some custom reports but, didn’t know where to start. First I plan to prepare a feature request uservoice kind of service so that I can understand what is wanted more…

  • Alexander N

    Will you add multi-site support? 🙂 

    For example,
    allow superadmin to add a google analytics account which can be used to show statistics to multi-site users for their respective path.

    • Wow Alexander. I guess I would love to do that, but I wouldn’t know where to start. For starters I’ve never used multi-site… Let me add that to my list… When I am near it, I will drop you a line…

  • Gorm Pajno

    Really very useful tool! How long for the standalone PHP version?
    We’ll buy you a lot of beer! …

    • Since you mentioned beer, I will speed things up. Really.

  • i m getting -1 for this week and last month

  • i m getting -1 for this week and last month

    Here is screen shot..not sure if i m the only one.

    • Hi there, are you still having the issue? Or did you encounter it for just a specific day? And also what was the day?

      • If it’s today I don’t have the same problem… Hmm, strange.

        •  the issue was only once i was today only…its fine now..nt sure what caused it…anyway thanks

  • PSS

    Authentication error, any ETA on the update, or there’s nothing we can do?

    • Hey, hi! Glad you asked I started to fix it a couple of days ago. I guess in no more than a few days the new update will be around. Cheers!