So Facebook buys Instagram, deal with it

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after the news of facebook splashing cash on instagram,
I realised that there were still romantic fanatics of software, applications and services…

that’s cute and that’s so 90s.

probably they either believe that the service or application belongs to them, or that they are a part of something bigger and greater.
and the problem with it is that neither of them is true.

for starters we don’t actually own any service we use. we are just one of the citizens of that country hoping that democracy will do good for us and help the service improve in the direction of our pleasure, which is what we think is right for the service itself also.

looking at the direction it is not likely that we will feel like we own anything in the future. we eventually will just become users of any software we need as a service or not.
we will not own movies and songs.
hell, we will not even feel like we own the pictures we take.
cause we probably will not own our storage, the storage we need.
we are gradually becoming unable to host and organize the data we create and we enjoy anymore, for our convenience.
say for security and safety reasons, say for not enough disk space, or say for not enjoying the hassle of synchronizing your data across your watch, mobile phone, TV, tablet, desktop pc and the mac you use at work.

being aware of the fact that every service prefers to resemble a democracy and as with every modern democratic government it is governed by ones on power, who are steered by the investors, and advised by marketing experts to facebook which are being kind enough for providing the compassionately mislead perception of democracy.

so get a hang of yourselves, the service will do pretty much whatever it pleases.

on the other hand you are not a part of something greater.
don’t feel like belonging and/or committed to any service where you created a small network of mainly and/or relatively useless connections wasting each others’ time by sharing what you did to waste your own time.

you may be part of something big but you are not part of something greater. you just take crappy photos of stuff and share them. or you share crappy videos created by you or others. or you share your words of wisdom which are, not your, famous quotes, lyrics, slogans, catchwords or lines.

if your creativity and productivity evaporates when separated from the the tools easing, beautifying, glorifying your process and (I can not stress this enough, it is an “and” not an “or”) what you create or produce does not have any endurance of respect for the generations to come to feel when they encounter your work, so that they would be glad to witness what you have done, your efforts can easily be classified as crappy.

and actually when evaluated properly it counts as a small step for you, and a big step back for mankind.

or there could be a third side for these reactions for the acquisition. this romantic fanaticism could be a primeval blub of infantile despair felt when a bigger kid came to their kindergarten playground and might be interested in taking their toy from their hands.

which is also not true.
this bigger kid is not in it for the toy kids.
he has no gain from what you may pompously assume that you provide by playing with the toy, that can be worth the trouble or the expense.

also it’s not believable that he has evil plans to destroy your toys and be the galactic dark empire of the online social apps.

and with online social apps I mean glorified massive multiplayer websites for useless and definitely unnecessary for the mankind apart from benumbing their boredom by wasting their time adequately, and creating an illusion of socializing and/or satisfying anything real by doing the online alternative (which as time goes by we more easily convince ourselves that it is actually the alternative, which is actually not) of the related action.

the big kid, he just wants to get along with you, because he knows people are watching and as he tries to become a chain of kindergarten playgrounds he needs more of everything, more funds, more value, more investment, more users… which shows that he aims higher. Checkout easy payday loan easy cash advance Green-Touch.

he aims higher than the total stack of photos each one of you has taken and lovingly filtered so that the crappy camera provides the illusion of a great photo which is similar to what an old hag, a drag queen, crappy reality tv stars, anyone tries to do by wearing lots of makeup and eyebrows done by Avant Microblading.

oh, and also there is no such thing as online privacy as long as you become a member of any service online and not host every service you need to use on a server behind a vpn, a firewall, with ssl connections and some direct encrypted network connection, whatever else your paranoid side has comfort in applying.

but I don’t think we have anything to worry, for I don’t think executives of any service will secretly please themselves with the “retro feet photos” or “against the mirror profile photos” you take.

and of course they are either profiting from your data, or have no idea how to monetize it other than completely selling it for massive loads of cash to someone else that could be profiting from your data.
there is no such thing as free service or membership.

finally here is the craftily biased, misinformed and deliberately shallow article on the subject I came across and forced me internally to write this piece:

self note: try not to write anything when you have the flu. I tend to be crankier then.

ps: I use facebook, instagram and many other services on desktop and mobile. being aware does not keep you from doing things, but at least makes you conscious and conscientious when necessary.