living by values and having integrity is against nature

Living by values and having integrity is against nature. Nature solves everything using the easiest way possible. Stream finds the slope to join the river in the easiest way possible. Animals hunt the easiest food they can catch. The same principle goes for humans too.

Corruption and scam is the easiest way for a human being to solve his issues. And therefore it is the natural way. Therefore it was always there. Throughout the history it was right there helping man solve his troubles. Assasinating their kings, bribing princes, overthrowing governments, looting civilizations, modernizing other people and so…

As a creature of nature, man is inclined to choose the easiest way possible. Living by values and having integrity is not the easiest thing to do when you are starving and in need of protection for your loved ones. But as a contradiction to that fact it is the people in extremely opposite status who are the supernaturally corrupted. Greed can not solely explain that.

Ethics and laws are not created by nature. It is created amongst humans, by humans, for humans. As we all are aware of the fact that going nature’s way is going to end mankind in the shortest time possible, we created, built, patched and we are continuously updating a set of written and unwritten rules for keeping each other under some kind of a leash.

It is like creating the off-side rule for soccer. Some of you may know, the off-side rule is the rule that prevents one team’s players to stack up in front of the other team’s goal. The rule says you can not have a player behind opposing team’s defense, in front of the goal while starting your attack. It will leave no fun in the game. It will render the game unwatchable and unfair, so the players need to try harder, train harder and sometimes even follow a the skinny guide on fat diet so they stay healthy for the games. So with ethics and laws we are keeping the civilization and mankind sustainable. Well that is also against nature.

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When do we have evidence that it is against nature? When a man gains power. In nature if any existence (thunder, river, bear, bird, anything…) gains extraordinary power it is hard to hold it under leash. The same goes for humans. Therefore the most powerful, wealthy and organized are generally the source of the supernaturally corrupted. You can keep a hungry man under leash for so much time, but you can not keep a powerful organization under leash for even seconds. In nature the powerful secures and enjoys its existence by doing anything in its power. That also goes for humans. When you have that much of power no one can keep you under leash.

Who are they to teach you ethics? Who are they to tell you to live by values and have integrity? You can crush them with one thumb.

When a man gains power and so easily sets himself free of his leashes of ethics, values, and generally laws, he becomes the most natural a man can be. When a man is living by values and trying hard to have integrity he is fighting nature in himself and around him. But he should. We should. As it is the only way of keeping the civilization and mankind sustainable.