how social media can harm unpopular kids even more

there is an interesting piece on teenvogue (don’t ask how i found it) and it has a rather interesting point of view on social media websites. if you are a loser, and somehow your class-mates friended you on facebook, you followed them on twitter and whatever else the kids are doing nowadays, now there is the technology to feel being left-out to the max.

things like the one below is probably seen pretty much:

Olivia, a nineteen-year-old in Alpharetta, Georgia, faced that fear one Friday afternoon this past spring. “I was on Facebook when my news feed updated, and I saw a picture of my good friend Amanda* and everyone I hang out with celebrating Amanda’s birthday at a restaurant,” the college freshman recalls. “I was in shock. Why didn’t she just text me? These are the people I see all the time,” she says.

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so now with the technologies today you can have detailed documentation of being left out, with photos, comments and so. it was probably less heart-breaking when you didn’t have any idea about it. the kids are most likely to be either be more insensitive or more vindictive growing like this.

well, rejection and unpopularity was always there, but not rubbed in people’s faces this much.