Depreciating Software: Windows after XP, Photoshop after CS3, Chrome and Firefox Recently


Note: This is some kind of a ranting, mixed with a fun open letter to mentioned software companies. So, I hope you enjoy.

OK, this all started with a computer hang. That lead me to this thought:
“Windows Vista & Windows 7 and most probably Windows 8 are the depreciation of  Windows Operating Systems.”

And made me think that Microsoft should have stopped at the level of just copying Mac OS  if they really ever were. When they started trying too hard to look cool for the cool kids in the class, the Windows OS went downhill. Because they overlooked the fact that Mac OS is not trying to change anything to the extend that it will prevent people from working in a fast and effective manner.

I know from on-the-side-experience of several years that newer Mac OS versions, would still run on older hardware with giving some hard time on some jobs; but unlike Windows OSes, they still will run.

Don’t mock us with the recommended configuration, and required configuration crap. We all know that that’s never true. I recently used Windows OSes on way more powerful machines than the highly recommended configurations and there still are times when I live and work in pain.

The performance issues, the hangs, the bad responsiveness and instability even pisses off my 3 years old kid.

Windows XP SP3 is the peak of Microsoft Operating Systems. And that’s that.

No serious PC user wants a resource hog, bulky and fancy interface and who-knows-what-they-are-good-for services to run at the background.

Even with the brand new state of the art notebook, Windows 7 yet finds a brand new innovative way to choke the machine to none-responsiveness.

I don’t want glossy bars or never-to-be used Windows Media Sharing services running at the background. And yes I optimized my computer and shutdown many unnecessary services after doing a tiresome and time-consuming research to learn whatever the hell the Microsoft team designed and for what purpose they made bazillions of running services at the background. I shouldn’t have to. If a multi-billion dollar company is selling me a product I shouldn’t have to do this much extra work to make it work properly and to learn to optimize it.

I just want to work with my computer. I think of my computer as my woodworking shop. I work there, I have my own services to run there. I code, I commit projects and syncronize my data to the clouds and what-not. Therefore I need a hammer and a nice solid table. But instead Microsoft is giving me a shiny glass desktop with a pretty pink feather and fur covered hammer with shortened handle.

Who told you that I needed these?
To improve a product you don’t have to sugar-coat it. You really have to work on the features that will make it good for the reasons it is used for, and loved for. For work? For gaming? For browsing the internet?
You didn’t improve it for any of that!

Windows 7 is not a suitable gaming environment.
It’s just the only one for the PC. To optimize gaming on Windows computers you need several video cards. Intel for the daily use, Nvidia monster for the game to burn the laptop into dust optimized for the new DirectX that you have to buy both new hardware and software to use.

And still if you buy them you need teach a kid to master in installing a game, and they probably will be fine with it since theya re always up to date in the lol news..
Do you know why gaming on consoles are more widely-accepted? Did you ever think about that? Because they are easier to begin playing!
You put it in, press a button, it plays. That’s it.
I don’t want to upgrade DirectX, download updates and patches and crap and install and enjoy a hang and a restart when I want to play a game. No one does.

Windows 7 isn’t even good for browsing the internet. The connectivity, the wireless, the joke of connection troubleshooting. Why did you even bother with working on that? I observed many mediocre users on many occasions, never knowing what the hell is going on with their internet connection. Am I connected? Is the internet working? They don’t know. And do you know why they advise people to turn off everything and on again. Because it is easier than fixing anything on our Microsoft Operating System without a shut-down.

You can’t tell your grandma to open a command prompt and do an ipconfig /flushdns after disabling and enabling the wireless receiver from the notebook with a Fn key combo and after that right clicking the tiny icon on the tray to reach the networking setup after several challenging clicks. No one can.

You know why everyone can use a tablet easily for internet? Because they can tell if there is wireless there, and if the gizmo is connected or not. Even the real housewives of jersey shore can.

So back to using it for work, didn’t anyone remind you that no one  actually wants a gigantic right click menu covering the entire screen, which you have absolutely no control over to decrease padding or font-sizes or actually remove items from it for that matter.

Instead of improving or giving people the means to customize the workplace they have, just to let them be more productive, more effective, and more creative, you channeled and poured time and effort into coding a brilliant new feature. The chance to stick a usb stick to the system for the extra ram that the OS drains.

People don’t need fancy bulky glossy taskbars  (they may like, they may enjoy but they definitely don’t need) and crappy and quickly design-trends-wise outdated aero themes and ridiculously useless gadgets and screen estate occupier gadget sidebars that even Microsoft guys aren’t believing in enough to create a real marketplace after. Oh and really, how much more screen space does Microsoft need from me? Do I really need to buy another monitor for myself so that I can sacrifice the other to screen gods of Microsoft to have the time of thier life with gigantic right click menus, huge taskbar, preview screens, play pause and even video playing in small preview screens attached to taskbars and title screens and sidebars and gadgets?

As a power user of Microsoft operating systems for more than 25 years (yes since MS-DOS v3.0 on an IBM PC/XT 8086) and as a follower looking for no alternative to Microsoft Operating Systems, this pisses me off and it hurts. Therefore I felt a responsibility to write this post to inform that many aspects of the recent operating systems that MS creates obstructs productivity.

Because I’ve been trying so hard to suffer and endure Windows 7 for some time, and because my brand new laptop does not come with Windows XP drivers I could not downgrade.

On a different note, I ran a hosting company for about 8 years, and now I come to think of it that you guys even managed to ruin Windows Server. Windows Server 2003 with its SPs was kind of like the highlight of your server ecosystem. Who the hell ever tipped off to you the intel that no one was comfortable with the IIS interface and needed more intriguing, entangled and complicated server administration experience?

I don’t know much about the weird network and file management mess that MS calls Active Directory and many other strange names for several strange services, that in order to work without trouble and in safety, you need couple of guys with many MS certificates and titles and some MVP consultants, most of which generally advice to delete and reconfigure settings. Oh, and you may also need third party server software , including firewalls and multi-platform network file incompatibility fixer apps that we had to use. Well apart from what I just couldn’t keep myself from writing, on that front I’ll shut up.

You ruined a perfectly good operating system (or indeed two of them) and you may not go as far as to be ashamed of yourself  but the least you can do is to think many things over even after what you think is the best OS eva’, the Windows 8. Which is actually a hip new Metro UI that has Windows 7 underneath, which claims to have Windows XP underneath but instead has the terrible Vista underneath (which I’m guessing was the brainchild of the team that brought you Windows ME, the megaflop edition).

Great idea by the way, the hip new Metro UI, which is good for anyone wanted to lean over the desk to touch their desktop and laptop screens all this time and couldn’t think of a proper reason to do so and also really great for everyone that wished to use their desktops in public places as interactive kiosks or maybe ATMs.

But, as I said, I’m not looking for an alternative. Don’t think there is much anyway. Well, for example don’t even get me started with Linux.  As also being a Linux sysadmin for some time, I can’t really understand why they are even trying to create a well-polished GUI for the Linux OS.

No home user will ever use Linux as a home computer. Get it together guys.
Yes, definitely there is no logic behind the any home user or thousands of non-profits and government offices to not use a free and not-any-less-than-the-others OS. Except for the fact that almost all of them only use whatever is shoved down their throats and whatever their superiors are convinced of. That and also the fact that there will never be enough commercial software for it.

So, why go through the trouble of shiny interface? We all know that only system administrators will use it. Why don’t you just make it cozy, fast and useful for them? Most of them never even log in to the GUI anyway. Try hard to enhance the server management experience for them. Don’t go after the home user, they’ll think you’re a freak. They already call you geek.

And the runner-up prize for ruining their own software goes to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Adobe Photoshop teams.

How the hell can you ever manage to make an application upgrade in the way that people would willingly prefer to downgrade it to the more primitive versions of that software. Are you really OK with this?

At our office, just a couple of years ago, we willingly declined the upgrade and tried so hard to persuade the dealer to give us the older version of Adobe Photoshop. Because we were trying to do work. We do not want to play around in the new interface, and you don’t buy a tool for that.

Let me go back to my woodworking analogy. I need a wood-cutter. Nice fast durable precision cutter for the job that I’m doing. Current version does well for me. But there is an upgrade they say, it’s better say, it’s advanced they say.

Then the company comes to me with the offer of a product that will work slower for the same job. But as a plus, if I ever needed to do any other trivial work, (3d wood cutting, wood damage healing?) that no one can make me believe that majority of the users use it for the majority of their time, it comes with that feature. I will throw them out. Everyone will.

You can’t make people buy a device, a tool, a gadget, any hardware for that matter, that you will convince them it’s newer but it does what they mostly use the tool for slower and you probably need a bigger place to put it and use it. You don’t buy a car that way? You don’t buy a phone that way? You don’t buy a washing machine that way? You don’t buy a TV that way? Why on earth would I want to buy a software that way?

After we tried CS4 (and actually any version after that) we badly wanted to go back to CS3, making the Adobe Photoshop CS3 the actual peak of the Photoshop line for Adobe for me.

For Firefox, I can’t understand why they are trying so hard to bury themselves and their foundation, as Google with Chrome is already doing its best to accomplish that. Firefox works hard on ruining Firefox with the untimely updates and plugin compatibility checks that happen just when you are on the phone and trying to open the browser for one quick information check from web. It already opens heavily and slowly. It almost makes you feel like you just asked your pet sea turtle which is all the way on the farthest side of your one acre garden to bring your slippers quickly.

Firefox is living the transition from being the most stable steed to the old horse being left to die in the stables.

And on a parallel slipper bringing pet example, Chrome is the fast fun dog that brings your slippers immediately. But when it brings its 16 siblings also run towards you, and while you are trying to put on your slippers to run, they all jump on you, knock you down to the floor and sit on your face and precisely lick wherever you don’t want to be licked.

Well, for the sake of completing the browser analogy, Internet Explorer here is the Anthony Perkins from Psycho. Runs a deserted gloomy, dark, horrible hotel, dressed and acting like his spooky mother to the visitors, but instead of that he is a W3C standards stabbing psycho, that anytime when you enjoy the comfort of a warm complete redesign and recode of a project it stabs you in the eye with its need of sharp and painful hacks and exceptions.

To summarize, why main problem is this; I am currently working on our own web application ioDeck. Since you have read down to here I deserve an inline ad: ioDeck, Php Form Builder and much more, buy it, it’s cheap.

Well I am working on this app, coding and designing and listening to feedback,  improving, troubleshooting. I’m busting my ass off so that I can make it work for everyone to use it the way it’s intended to be. Fast, useful, good looking, with low learning curve, productive, fail-safe and trouble-free. I’m trying hard to make sure it runs on the oldest xampp to any version of windows servers, to shared and guarded and thus very limited by default mediatemple linux servers. And I am amazed at the fact that multimillion dollar companies are neglecting such facts.

Because when I’m sensitive enough to care about something, I’m expecting the giants, on whose shoulders I’m standing, to do so, at least on similar issues. Today application for payday loans made easy and simple, click this link to know more about short term loan and cash advanced.

P.S Here is the MS-DOS ad that the featured image is cropped from, which luckily fit my woodworking analogy. Cheers.

  • maxpert

    Lol just to add Opera (since all major browsers are here) here is what I think would suit.

    Opera is like that show off Tony Stark, who has a lot of money and feature rich gadgets but few faggots steal his cool gadgets (Tabs, Quickdial) and become bigger than Stark Inc. itself!

    • 🙂 Exactly. Cheers.