civilization is against evolution

Civilization is working against evolution.
Civilized human being definitely does not mean an evolved one. Evolution of mankind has to be untraceably, unnoticably slow, if there is any. We can not have an idea on whether we are evolving or not. We can have an idea of evolution from cave-men to city-men. That is because it covers a timespan of several thousand years.

We can says human beings are evolving if after a thousand years, that is if we haven’t already destroyed mankind, someone will look back at the documents and say “We have a bigger brains, smaller feet, supplementary gills, bigger eyes, and wider nostrils. The humans a thousand years ago didn’t have these.” That is of course only the biological aspect of the subject. Which actually only develops against natural causes and/or obstacles, not with what we want. Of course we may want to fly. But this ability will only improve after generations and generations of humans being exposed to some kind of natural disaster or change in gravity and/or air composition that will leave us no other option but to fly.But of course civilization will find a solution for that. If there is such trouble we will start inventing and selling new types of vehicles and give out more info about traders insurance, new kind of breathing equipments, and even new kind of shelters for humans to live in. Civilization won’t let humans suffer through evolution. Well at least the ones that can afford it. Civilized men’s scientists will immediately start researching “the most important things that are determined by the people who are financing them”. Not “the most important things for mankind” at all times. Well, that is another subject.

When it comes to evolution of consciousness, that may not also have much chance against civilization. Civilization is human beings in an organized and controlled environment. Nothing more. When separated from that environment human being will still act like an animal. So it does not provide anything permanent to the equation, that is human consciousness. Civilization’s effect on consciousness is like sunblock on skin. The more civilized environment human stays in and longer time, resembling more sun protection factor used on skin as a thicker layer, more he will endure the nature. But it will wear off. As best sunblock will wear off after a day under the sun, and if you do not refresh it everyday, your skin will start to burn. And that is exactly what will happen to humans. Their consciousness will again be vulnerable to nature if being taken away from civilization. We can not count that as much of an evolution, can we?

Of course humans will not immediately become fierce animals if removed from or is deprived of civilization. There will be behavioral residue on each human’s consciousness, differing in amount and type from each other according to each subject’s psychological deficiencies. But the point is that civilization does not have permanent effects. Not enough to be considered causing evolution. Which means we do not evolve both physically and mentally.

Some might say that the way we do things are changing. The way we communicate, the way we sit, the way we love, the we form relationships, the way we mate, the way we talk, the way we walk and so… Which may mean that we are finding different solutions to obstacles we are facing. That is not true. That is like throwing a spoon in a monkey cage, and watching him sometimes eat the food given to him with that and call that evolution.

Monkey does not need that. Monkey can eat with his hands and satisfy his needs. There is no obstacle that he is facing. He didn’t find solution for anything. We put him in a cage, we gave him the food, we gave him the spoon. He just used that. His way of thinking did not change. He didn’t need to adapt to anything. He just kept pace with the improvement. He just humored himself with that. That is also what happens to us humans, in our controlled environment, which is civilization. We keep pace with things. We keep up with technological advances, new laws and new ethics. When looking for eligible compensation and how our personal injury lawyers can help you. Check out Maryland car accident lawyer for more information.

We start using internet, we think faster, we break atom, we fly to space, we communicate in ways that contains absolutely no human contact, we don’t trust in each other, we don’t commit to each other and/or anything. We can buy everything, we can spend everything, we can sell everything, kill everything. That is not evolution. That is only humans keeping pace with civilization. And looking from a humanitarian “pure values, ethics and integrity for the good of all mankind” point of view, that is definitely not an evolution for the civilization itself.

That is only one dominant ideology and economic system devolving via decaying and promoting via polishing civilization at the same time. And we are only keeping up with that.