an open letter to hipster photographers

what if, your children and their children, won’t be hipsters?
what if, one day you resign from hipsterdom?

then when you look back to all those wonderful glory days, what will you see?

unrecognizable fish eye views of many things you did, many places you went, many trendy clothes you had, distorted, and not even delightful to a real fish’s eye.

what else?
* scratched, torn, color degraded, low resolution photos of many daily objects of absolutely no significance,
* many many (probably very meaningful for you at the time, but not so meaningful for the mankind) close-ups of your friends’ body parts overlayed by a window, a parking lot, a watermelon,
* and also many boring photos of your pets in a garden, with your foot, on a watermelon.

you even paid for those films, and for processing them.
and even much more for strange funny toy cameras.

you had your fun.
its time to take real pictures with a real digital camera.

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“the -a DSLR makes everyone a photographer- community of the world”

update: for those who take the same photos with their phones and apps, you’re fine, at least you didn’t pay anything for it. you’ll just have bazillions of them. don’t try to organize them, it’s useless.