Even though he did not want to listen to his gut, instead of being gutted out he stepped outside the room started to stand up for himself. Nobody was listening to what he was about to say, but nevertheless he started talking. He said things he did not want to say, apart from the ones he did not mean. But it was rather absolutely difficult to say what you mean and mean what you say. The situation was even worse with do as you say and not do as you do. For once he thought someone  gave a damn about what he was about to talk about. But this was not the case. There was not even a case left, someone has ruined the evidence laying around by playing twister in the house.

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Even if he was not a detective, he was fond of his ability to detect various things going on around. Thus he figured out that he was in the wrong house. That was the reason why he got out of the room.-

1- to be continued…

2- no it’s not.

1- why isn’t it?

2- it is not supposed to, that’s why.

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1- why does not is not it supposed to was?

2- that was not even a question, yes it looks so much like one, but it isn’t.

3- what is it then?

2- it is wrong. and who are you?

1- they are a friend.

2- and that is also wrong.

3- no really, we are a friend.

2- grammatically wrong friends bring many kinds of trouble.

1- not we doesn’t.

2- i don’t know where to start to fix.

3- do you really needs to fixed?

1- nice 3! she does needed to fixing.

2- someone needs to fix you guys, if not for me…

3- noes!

2- it is nose.

1- you can read what we say then?

2- yes i have lexical-perception-analogy

3- why do read what say, you have to listen to them… and also it is biolation to our piracy!

1- wait a minute, calm down 3, what 2 said wasn’t even a word.

2- yes it is. it is a disease.

3- oh, so you are sick.

1- ok, we is sorry then.

3- i am not. it is not mine disease.

1- we is sorries for shim.

2- it is her.

1- what is hers?

2- nothing, i mean there is no shim.

3- no not there doesn’t. there does he – him, she – shim.

2- i have to get out of here.

1- were you in her?

2- not her, here it is.

3- thanks what is it?

2- you are like the cryptonite for the lexical-perception-analogs.

1 & 3 – no we are not doesn’t maybe…

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