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twitter voting. that is the concept. as easy and fast as possible. no membership no settings, no mumbojumbo. login with twitter, ask a question. define two answers. send it to your friends, let them vote. so you can’t decide which dress to wear to prom, ask your friends on twitter. they tweet the link of the answer (with a strong point on their defense) and you decide. tagline is simple, “can’t decide? ask others!”

this project is a website / web application integrated with twitter api. user who authenticates with twitter can ask questions and manage their own questions. on the question’s page you can follow your answers with the latest tweets including the related answer’s link.

twitter has enormous load on their system, and it’s not logical to count on twitters count of hashtags and mentions. but there is only one thing, currently, you can count on, on twitter; that is the counts on urls tweeted.

so the system relies on that. when you create a question and define two answers you create two urls, when your friends and followers click on tweet button of the answer they vote for, they are tweeting the url for the answer. so when they tweet that, even after weeks when there is no current conversation on the subject twitter still caches that. that is almost the only accountable count twitter has. and its good enough for a simple twitter voting website.

tried to keep it as simple as a “……………….” can use it. (fill in the blank with someone/some people you find not-too-bright and not good with computers)

you are the content.


concept: devrim vardar
design & coding: devrim vardar
editor: devrim vardar


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