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being bored of the music we’ve been listening for a long time we tried checking websites for hot cool new heavy metal albums, but the sites were junk and we were stuck. so we had to make one for ourselves.

this project is a website gathering and providing reviews and information about new rock and metal albums. it is based on our main attempt on discovering listen-worthy contemporary rock ‘n’ roll and all kinds of heavy metal music albums and presenting them to our readers and followers in a clear and elegant way which is generally a gap in heavy metal publications both online and offline. as most of us choose the album first by its cover in any music shop we go, we show the covers as displayed there, loud and clear, so you can listen it with the best speakers that you can get online, as the one in this logitech z906 thx 5.1 speaker system review.

we have started indexing albums from 2010 and 2011 but we will most probably go backwards in time as well as keeping up-to-date with important upcoming albums.

as tastes change enormously from person to person, we decided not to rate the albums and/or judge them. we are doing our best to give a chance for rockers to check out the album for themselves, sure we guide them a little, but not going as far as to tell them what to listen and what not to listen. but we have our own merits if anyone is interested to check out. we have our “gray albums” and “dragonforce albums”.

“gray albums” are albums that you want to listen over and over until you get tired of them and even will make you want to listen to them after couple of months or years and even then they’ll rock your brains out. you will make friends listen to it, even force them to do so. they are so little on our website, we can’t just hand out them.

“dragonforce albums” are exactly the opposite. we have that merit just to warn people that it is a music either so cheesy / lame / cheap or not craftful / not respectable / not honorable, just dragonforced all through the process. we have wide open ears for music, we love many hair bands, country music, death metal, speed trash, scandinavian metal, folkloric metal, even pop-rock. therefore if an album after listening to it, makes you want to destroy the cd and never look back to it, we thought we had the responsibility on our shoulders to warn new and fresh ears not to spend their hard earned money on them. they are also little on our website, we don’t just hand out them. it is there to remind people of difference between megadeth’s “hangar 18” and my chemical romance’s “bla bla na na na” song.

because there is no gothic power pop or chinese democracy, there is just profitable commercial music and greedy self-satisfaction. and they are both disrespect.

content, reviews and artist information is mainly provided from,, various respectable review blogs, live radio stream is provided from our own channel on, and album preview playlists are from grooveshark. to buy the albums we have an shop (including both mp3 and cd versions of the album, and occasionally vinyls) and each album have buy links directly to the sales page on


+ concept: devrim vardar & engin parmaksız
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+ editors: engin parmaksız & devrim vardar


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