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Hotels in Places

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so you want to go to holiday. where do you go? probably somewhere your friends have been before, somewhere your travel agent wants to sell, somewhere you seen in a magazine. I didn’t like that, not enough options.  why can’t I go to places which are known best, for things I love doing the most? I want to drink the best tea in the world, I want to see best ski resort, I want to see ghost towns, I want to party like never before… I haven’t had a vacation for a long time, but I know when I’ll go I’m gonna need more information to decide.

this project is a website. the project is a member of affiliate network. you can directly buy hotels with the best deals on the detailed information page of the relevant city. there is a google map of the city in another tab. the content is categorized under continent-to-city hierarchy and also by things-to-do selections.

suggestions and lists are mainly from most respected websites having travel information, including and best hotel deals in those places are from /, they claim to have the lowest rates.


concept: devrim vardar
design: ozan vardar & devrim vardar
coding: devrim vardar
editors: devrim vardar & bilgesu vardar & pınar vardar


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