Depreciating Software: Windows after XP, Photoshop after CS3, Chrome and Firefox Recently


OK, this all started with a computer hang. That lead me to this thought: “Windows Vista & Windows 7 and most probably Windows 8 are the depreciation of Windows Operating Systems.” And made me think that Microsoft should have stopped at the level of just copying Mac OS if they really ever were. When they started trying too hard to look cool for the cool kids in the class, the Windows OS went downhill.

ioDeck: Useful Web Apps, Single Deck

ioDeck - Useful Web Apps, Single Deck // PHP Form Builder

“ioDeck” is your admin panel for our planned series of “io” (input / output) applications. Embedded in the panel you get “ioForms” as your first “io” application. ioForms will allow you to create forms easily. You can start gathering data in no time and without all the pain and the trouble.