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Hi, my name is Devrim Vardar.
And this is the website where I share what I write, make or find.

I enjoy writing fiction, from short stories to screenplays, none published or made yet, except for, well, I’ve written comedy/dramedy bits for a prime-time mainstream comedy show on a major network in Turkey for a complete season.

I enjoy writing non-fiction, I have a Ph. D in Sociology, well there I’m published, I have a book on sale, not quite the bestseller, it’s about the Occupation of Istanbul by Allied Forces Between the Years 1918-1923. Also I have several articles on some sociology digest books.

I enjoy writing code, because there are many projects yet unwritten but still needs to be written, at least it seems to me that way. I have created several niche websites, published some jquery and wordpress plugins, and created a web app.

Come, stay, visit, read, enjoy and share.
Thanks and Cheers.

Here is my contact info if you’re interested:

twitter: @stildv
email: dv@no-spamstild.com

Here is a contact form if you wish:

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