ioDeck: Useful Web Apps, Single Deck

ioDeck - Useful Web Apps, Single Deck // PHP Form Builder

ioDeck” is your admin panel for our planned series of “io” (input / output) applications. Embedded in the panel you get “ioForms” as your first “io” application. ioForms will allow you to create forms easily. You can start gathering data in no time and without all the pain and the trouble.

ioForms will cover the most basic and essential part of any website interaction. Collecting, organizing and processing data is whole lot of work on paper. And its also a lot of work online. You have to secure your forms, use databases and create and design every form. Plan, and code, and design. ioForms is born from the need of easing this work. Whether its a simple landing page form or its a giant human resources form.

ioForms is a tool to create forms without requiring any html or coding knowledge. Of course the more you know of either, more you’ll take advantage of and enjoy it. ioForms has an easy to use form creator interface, with many details to satisfy complex needs.

You can embed your forms to your website, blog or redirect visitors to the form’s standalone page. You can view the data gathered from your administration panel which we call ioDeck. You can set notifications (email, twitter, facebook) to remind you or your customers after each form application.

Once you get used to ioDeck and ioForms, and start gathering the data you need, our future apps will come to rescue and will help you more on easily managing it.

ioDeck is the admin panel. ioForms creates forms.
More apps will come, buy ioDeck now and chill.